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Dec. 21st, 2004 @ 09:11 am (no subject)
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Date:December 24th, 2004 01:20 am (UTC)
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well i think that's a very good idea.. and it kind of reminds me of what i'm doing.. i despise for people to tell me that anorexics don't eat anything... they do.. but they limit theirselves to however much.. eat here.. eat there.. don't eat here.. don't eat there... i mean being anorexic has a HUGE definition.. ya know? so i eat what i want.. TO AN EXTENT... and i'm happy about it.. i won't starve myself.. i'll fast if i feel i have the will power to.. but i'm going to be happy while i watch the pounds float away.. b/c you can go into severe depression if you wait to be happy until the very end... b/c the end.. well most of the time.. you're not sure what the end is.. you have a goal weight.. get there.. adn then yo'ure unhappy.. so i think it's good that you're going to stay happy through out it all.. i believe it'll help motivate you.. :)